Canadian Geographic

Championing Canada’s commitment to rethink plastics


Strut worked directly with Canadian Geographic and Recycling Council of Ontario to create a national program to inform and engage Canadians to reduce single-use plastics.

10,000 Changes was founded on the fact that it will take thousands of changes to solve the plastic problem, ranging from small actions by individuals to large-scale innovations by industry and businesses.

Our proposal for the 10,000 Changes program secured government funding from Environment and Climate Change Canada, and prospective add-on modules have garnered interest from retailers and manufacturers.


  • Program Strategy
  • Branding & visual identity
  • Website design & development
  • Advertising


Visual Identity

Choosing to inspire, we balanced visuals of plastic waste with the Canada we wish to preserve, and images depicting the actions we want Canadians to take. The logo is representative of the continuous accumulation of changes made towards our goal, and the maple leaf is symbolic of “to the power of all Canadians” since, as a nation, we have the potential to make exponential change.


Website design & development

The website outlines the plastics problem, discusses the complicated road ahead, asks Canadians to take one of the 22 pledges for individuals, provides articles related to plastic waste, and tips on steps people can take to reduce their own plastic waste and influence industry and retailers to start making the big changes required to really shift the needle.


Public engagement

Budget considerations meant the majority of online outreach would be through the program’s social media channels, so we designed a large collection of graphics to be used in posts. 10,000 Changes sponsored a Washed Ashore art installation at the Toronto Zoo, and to accompany it we designed an awareness poster to introduce the program to Zoo-goers.


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