Jack of all trades, master of six


We’ll strategize your strategy to obtain strategic results — is something you won’t hear us say, but probably worked well with outdated SEO practices. Before we make you some really awesome stuff, we’ll actively listen, do our research, think things through, come up with a plan, poke holes in the plan, then make the plan better.


Pop quiz! What is design? Simple, right? If you said it’s the way things look, you score 27%, but casually throw this out at your next MarCom meeting and you’re the smartest cookie at the table: “Effective design considers objectives, audiences, the way something is used, and how best to unfold a story — then, makes it look pretty.”


In a world where marketers and short attention spans collide, constant distractions and endless options challenge a modern storyteller to… Carefully. Craft. Each. Word. Choose each image. And select effective communications channels with surgical precision. Will they blow away the KPIs? Show me the metrics!


An SQL query walks into a bar… (we’ll tell you the rest over a beer). Digital is pretty much anything on a screen that can be thought up and created by our team of strategists, designers, copywriters, and code monkeys. On or off the interwebs, our digital tactics entice users to check out your beefy content then swipe right on your CTA.


We bring to you, the next wave of SaaS… Service as a Service. Which, if we bring it to you, is itself a service. Whoa, trippy. Suffice to say, we go out of our way to ensure your experience with Strut fills all your buckets. And it must be working. A number of our relationships are very long-term and many new clients come from referrals.

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