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Meet Our Team

Lip balm addiction.
Renovates your brand or home.
The east to her West.

Chelsea Montgomery

Creative Director

Strut’s Renaissance man.
Supplier of milk and cream.
Quiet but quippy.

Russ Bugera

Creative Strategist, Partner

Our Strut den mother.
The juggler of everything.
Rolls a real tight joint.

Natalie Selinger

Operations Manager

Spreadsheet Queen Supreme.
Received business school honours.
K-2SO fan.

Jessica Lazaruk

Project Manager

YYZ expat.
Designer extraordinaire.
Lives for the mountains.

Landis Doyle

Creative Director

Lynn Summers

Arm scar raises bar
Hogtown to Cowtown for love

Lynn Summers

Director of Client Services

Prolific prankster.
Flagbearer of Strut culture.
True Kanban sensei.

Dave Cunnington

Technology Director

Overalls comeback.
Organized and efficient.
Most contagious laugh.

Jessica Mulherin-Ross

Project Manager

Record speed pacer.
The devil’s in the details.
True visionary.

Aaron Salus

Chief Strategist, Partner

Will code in his sleep.
Takes notes on a grain of rice.

Dean Hibbert


All day brainstorming
Party fun fancy cocktails
One more day well lived

Leah Zukowski

Creative Director, Campaigns

Most stylish attire.
Consummate professional.
Heavy metal rules!

Kathie Shand

Project Manager

Artistic passions
Crushes deadlines with caffeine
Big time binge streamer

Adrian Devries

Graphic Designer

Details and spreadsheets.
Stays chill in balmy office.
Sleeps in race car bed.

Chris McPhail

Managing Director, Partner

White hat with green thumb.
Bad dad joke generator.

Toan Tran


Keen problem solver
Explores countries and cuisines
Canine cuddles rule

Vinky Au

Client Partner

Foodie through and through
Shapes web experiences
So many concerts

Vee Simonyi

Digital Designer

Mega dog lover.
Production design guru.
Roller-skating star.

Karen Pera

Senior Production Designer


6 things that make Strutters smile

Down-to-earth people

We’ve got a lot of big brains packed into regular-sized heads at Strut. We’re proud of our work, but check our egos at the door since Strutters are all about supporting each other — whether it’s tackling a new project together, or finding a morsel of optimism in someone’s latest Cookie Club fail.

Work-life fit

Life is busy, so we all do our best to confine work to the work day while still getting everything done. Strutters are given time for appointments, opportunities for modified schedules, and flex days to catch up on life duties or hit the mountains before the weekend rush.


This Friday afternoon tradition is heralded by the dulcet tones of Rebecca Black soaring throughout the office. It’s how we wrap up the week with fellow Strutters — celebrating each other during Snaps and kicking back with cocktail club, games, and project-free conversations.

Dog Dayz

Although Feline Fridays also has a nice ring to it, so far all our furbaby guests are canine in nature. We take turns bringing in our dogs on Fridays, providing them a change of scenery and fetching grins from everyone in the office at the end of a long week. Big or small, we welcome them all.

The writings on the wall

Ever get in trouble for drawing on the walls as a kid? Not at Strut!* Almost all our walls are made for writing on, and are usually covered with brainstorms, doodles, wireframes, baby pools, and old Pictionary clues. (*There was that one time, but it wasn’t a whiteboard wall. It is now.)

Livin’ on the edge

Located on 17th Ave and 2nd St SW, we’re close to all the action, but just outside the hassle of downtown. A ton of tasty lunch spots within a short walk. River pathways, Repsol Sport Centre, yoga, and spin classes to help keep fit. A 10-min walk to the C-Train and reasonably-priced parking. 

Equal Opportunity

We don’t want cookie-cutter Strutters

At Strut, we value diverse ideas and opinions to push ourselves and do our best work. We know the best way to achieve this is through developing an inclusive team with diverse life perspectives. Our bio page may not always reflect it, but we openly welcome anyone no matter their race, colour, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, or physical ability.

Please feel free to be the unique you.
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