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Canadian Geographic

Digital transformation of a 92-year old magazine

We rebuilt Canadian Geographic’s online magazine experience from the ground up, including an interactive map and feature photography articles, and a powerful search function that returns results in the most beautiful way. 

Glenbow Museum

Curating the art of user experience

Glenbow provides vibrant experiences that bring art and culture to life. Their new site extends these experiences beyond the walls of the museum and creates deeper engagements with audiences before and after visiting Glenbow.

Canadian Geographic

Sharing the stories of the Indigenous Peoples of Canada

Online and mobile app resources for the Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada, including a Greeting Generator to provide users with opening remarks recognizing Indigenous Peoples and Treaties of the area.

TC Energy

Building strong communities for a better tomorrow

After evaluating historical giving, TC Energy decided to shift towards more targeted and impactful projects that would leave a greater legacy in the communities in which they operate and their employees live and work.

Canadian Geographic

Championing Canada’s commitment to rethink plastics

10,000 Changes was founded on the fact that it will take thousands of changes to solve the plastic problem, ranging from small actions by individuals to large-scale innovations by industry and businesses.

College of the Rockies

Helping the College reach new peaks

Strut positioned this unique post-secondary institution for success by developing an inspiring brand that captured their mix of academics and trades, spirit of continuous learning, and picturesque locale.

Shell Energy North America

Amping up Shell’s energy transition story

A more than 20-year old business unit, Shell Energy North America looked to reshape perception as an oil company to a holistic energy company with a significant renewables portfolio.

Canadian Geographic

Telling Canadians to take a hike

We collaborated with Canadian Geographic and Trans Canada Trail to increase awareness of The Great Trail and celebrate the first anniversary of the complete connection of 24,000 km of trail in time for Canada 150.

Canadian Pacific

One we hoped would end up off the rails

The two primary audiences we needed to address were elementary school-aged children, and the broad group of males 21-60. Our plan? Teach good habits in formative years, and break bad habits in the older group.

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