College of the Rockies

Helping the College reach new peaks


Our primary challenge was determining how best to position a post-secondary institution that balances a broad mix of trades and academics; diplomas and degrees; undergrads, continuing education, and contract training. 

Strut was tasked with elevating the image of College of the Rockies to better represent the quality and type of education offered by the campus, and better position them against other post-secondary institutions competing for students from BC, Alberta, and the international market.

To set this unique post-secondary institution up for success we developed an inspiring brand that captured their mix of academics and trades, spirit of continuous learning, and picturesque locale.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Marketing & Communications Plan
  • Advertising


Brand Strategy

Using the College’s strategy document as a jumping off point, we facilitated in-depth discovery sessions which led to the development of an extensive brand strategy document to outline the unusually elastic model required to address all programs and audiences.


Visual Identity

The abstract mountains and infinity sign in the logomark pay tribute to the College’s location in the Kootenays and core belief in continuous life-long learning. The brand is based in action and expressed through aspirational images and messaging, and regional nature-based colours.





Fisher Grey




Brand Guidelines & Templates

We developed a detailed 60-page brand guidelines document to direct the College’s internal marketing and communications team, and included a large variety of samples and templates for their designers to follow as they produce day-to-day materials.


We created a series of videos to promote the College using existing footage, tailoring messaging and clips to address local, national, and international audiences. Application includes broadcast, online, and local opportunities including cinema ads and at hockey games.

Home Advantage Campaign

As COVID-19 continued to affect post-secondary learning, the College wanted a campaign to reach local students and their parents, identifying some of the benefits of staying closer to home – at least for a year. A simple text-only approach allowed for the cost-effective creation of a wide range of messaging for digital and print applications. The approach was also adapted for their adult education and corporate training programs.


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