Canadian Geographic

Telling Canadians to take a hike


We collaborated with Canadian Geographic and Trans Canada Trail to increase awareness of The Great Trail and celebrate the first anniversary of the complete connection of 24,000 km of trail in time for Canada 150.

Strut developed this national engagement program to promote The Great Trail as a top recreational opportunity, and prompt Canadians to use and enjoy the Trail whether in urban settings or remote wilderness.

The first to find a Treasure Box received prizes from MEC and Canadian Geographic, and everyone who discovered a Treasure Box became eligible for a grand prize and weekly prizes like Nikon cameras and Keen hiking shoes, simply by posting a photo of their find to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.


  • Visual Identity
  • Content Creation
  • Packaging Design
  • Web Design & Development
  • Engagement


Contest Architecture & Logistics

Strut engineered the contest mechanics and kitted the weatherproof prize boxes. We distributed the majority to Great Trail volunteers across the country, but Strutters were excited to hide a few ourselves. In year one the contest released a series of clues to the cache location before sharing GPS coordinates. In year two the process was streamlined to simply the coordinates and the number of caches increased from 100 to 200.


Visual Identity & Supporting Materials

We branded the contest and created a visual identity complementary to that of The Great Trail and based on being fun, adventurous, and personal. Classic travel poster design and illustration inspired the style for the graphics.


Web Design & Development

The Great Trail Treasure Hunt website was the contest hub, providing details and allowing participants to identify when new boxes were released in their area, follow clues, and see when and where caches were found.









Based on participant photos and videos, everyone young and old clearly enjoyed the opportunity to explore The Great Trail and chance to win. Canadian Geographic Fellows and Great Trail Champions jumped on board and created personal videos to promote the contest and Trail, including prominent Canadians such as Margaret Attwood, Valerie Pringle, Wade Davis, and Chris Hadfield.

Social media posts and media coverage generated millions of impressions for the Great Trail Treasure Hunt.


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