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Aaron Salus

Aaron Salus

Founder, Director, Strategist

First Job:
I’ve never had a real job. I started a model rocketry class when I was 12.

I’m most productive:
Late in the evening. It takes me a while to get focussed, but when I’m in the zone I can stay there for days.

We can make it work.

Power Jam:
“Sandstorm” (Darude)

Chris McPhail

Chris McPhail

Managing Director

What I do at Strut:
Steer the ship.

My biggest challenge in my role is:
Staying ahead of the curve in a very dynamic, evolving industry.

The biggest professional lesson I’ve learned is:
Culture eats strategy for breakfast.

The day is what you make it.

Russ Bugera

Russ Bugera

Creative Director

What I do at Strut:
Foster brilliance. Protect brands. Make our clients look like superstars.

I get my best ideas usually:
In the semi-lucid void between falling asleep and actually sleeping.

Every day, I do this for inspiration:
Wake up.

Better a smart-ass than a dumb-ass.

Tom Muir

Tom Muir

Technology Director

What I do at Strut:
Investigate, strategize, direct and deliver technology-driven solutions for our clients.

Biggest challenge with this job:
Digital innovation happens every day.

I have a heavy poetry habit, both writing and collecting.

How I relax:
Golf is ideal.

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